Why BA!

We would like to introduce to you, Victoria Gilliard who graduated from Benedictine in 2018 and is currently attending the University of South Carolina.  During her time as a student at Benedictine Academy, Victoria was involved in all aspects of our community life.  Tori, as is known to her sisters, was a member of the Benedictine Leadership Team, Retreat Team, Portuguese American Club and so many more.  Tori was also a competitive athlete, running track all four years and even making it to the Penn Relays. In her senior year she was awarded the Top Award Bestowed on a Benedictine Graduate, The Saint Scholastica Award, which represents the culmination of a well-rounded student, academically, athletically and spiritually.  Below is a personal statement about Tori's experience at The Hive.

"As a sophomore at the University of South Carolina, I can’t help but reflect on my progression and how far I've come. I speak humbly when I say that I attend one of the most globally profound business schools, hold leadership roles in over five student organizations, and am an active servant leader in the Columbia community. I, too, ask myself, how do you do it all? Or, as my schedule becomes more jam-packed, why? I suppose my why varies based on the situation, but how remains consistent. It is because of the support I was provided in high school that my now achievements were possible.

Benedictine Academy is objectively a small all-girls catholic college preparatory high school, but for me, it was my foundation. It was where I first learned how to speak in front of an audience, how to lead a meeting, how to engage with adults, and how to represent myself, and how to work hard for the task at hand. The rigorous academics was understandably difficult to keep up with, but I now see how much those challenges prepared and allowed me for success on the collegiate level. The emphasis on social and spiritual stability is a large part of why I value community servantry, friendships, and sisterhood. It is truly with age that I come to these revelations, and every time I am asked for my why or how, I simply tell them about my high school experience— "I am a Benedictine woman"— and that always speaks for itself."