Nina Mosley '20 Leads Annual Christmas Show

Every Christmas season, BA holds its annual Christmas concert.  While the concerts in the past have been led by a member of our faculty, this year, the reigns were given to Senior Nina Mosley.  Nina, who is one of our resident singers at BA, took charge in organizing the concert from start to finish.  Unsure if there were enough acts for an evening concert, Nina was adamant that the show would go on for her final year at BA.  She held sign-ups so that all of her BA sisters could have the chance to show their talents during the holiday season. Nina was able to set up the show with a variety of acts from poetry readers, singers, and dancers.  She was even able to gather her fellow seniors, with the help of Mrs. Ryan, theology teacher, in a reenactment of the Nativity.  Our praise dancers, "Angels in Motion," welcomed back Kayla Polite-Hutchins '19 and Keiarrah Thompson '18 who danced alongside Namiesha Chestnut '21.  Nina closed the show with a rendition of "Silent Night."
At BA, we firmly believe our students can achieve anything! We are thankful for Nina and her dedication to her school and her craft!