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Our Mission



Our Mission

Benedictine Academy, a Catholic college preparatory high school in Elizabeth, New Jersey, founded by the Benedictine Sisters, educates young women to be responsible leaders of the 21 st century.  Focusing on academic growth and character formation in the Benedictine tradition, the Academy challenges students to become life-long learners who are intellectually curious, rooted in the gospel and committed to justice and integrity.  

Our Belief Statements

  • We believe that Jesus Christ is the first teacher in our school. 
  • We believe that every person has dignity and intrinsic value. 
  • We believe that a culture of peace must permeate all aspects of community life, which is nourished by Prayer and Eucharist. 
  • We believe that every student, through self-discipline, can achieve academic success and personal growth. 
  • We believe that critical thinking and intellectual curiosity are essential skills for successful living. 
  • We believe that students, teachers, parents, and board members can build community through shared responsibility. 
  • We believe that every student and staff member can build a more just world by serving and pursuing leadership opportunities in the local and global community. 
  • We believe that every student has unique gifts and talents to be respected and developed. 


Listen, Learn, Love and Lead… this is the Benedictine way