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Course of Study


Benedictine Academy prides itself on being an academically driven and intellectually curious all-girls high school. Below you will find our course of studies and curriculum offerings for each academic department. Courses are offered in both a college prep and honors track. 


Religious Studies (4 years):

  • Scripture- 9th Grade
  • Morality- 10th Grade
  • Peace and Justice- 11th Grade
  • World Religion/Christian Lifestyles- 12th Grade

English ( 4 years):

  • Language and Literature- 9th Grade 
  • Multicultural Literature- 10th Grade 
  • American Literature- 11th Grade 
  • AP Language and Composition- 11th Grade
  • British Literature- 12th Grade
  • AP Literature and Composition- 12th Grade

Math (4 years):

  • Algebra I- 9th Grade
  • Geometry- 10th Grade
  • Algebra II- 10th/11th Grade
  • Pre-Calculus- 11th/12 Grade
  • Calculus- 12th Grade
  • AP Calculus- 12th Grade

Physical Education/Health: 

  • Required all 4 years
  • Driver’s Education class held during Sophomore year

History (3 years):

  • World Culture- 9th Grade
  • US History I- 10th Grade
  • Pre-AP US History- 10th Grade
  • US History II- 11th Grade
  • AP US History II- 11th Grade

Foreign Languages (3 years):

  • Spanish 9th, 10th, 11th Grade
  • French 9th, 10th, 11th Grade
  • AP Spanish

Science (3 years-including 2 years of a Lab science):

  • Physical Science- 9th Grade
  • Biology- 9th/10th Grade
  • Chemistry- 10th/11th Grade
  • Physics- 11th/12th Grade
  • Anatomy and Physiology- 11th/12th Grade
  • Comparative Mammalian Anatomy- 12th Grade

Art and Music (1 year):

  • Painting and Drawing I
  • Photography
  • Advanced Art 
  • Mixed Choir
  • Intro to Music

Electives: (Each year’s schedule allows for one elective course)

  • Public Speaking- Accredited course with Union County College
  • Intro to Probability and Statistics
  • World Mythology
  • Creative Writing
  • Forensics
  • Current Issues and Events
  • College Writing