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Students with Microscopes
Technology is fundamental to becoming a productive, contributing member of an evolving society.  
Benedictine Academy is committed to making educational programs more relevant to contemporary society and enhancing the effectiveness of the learning process.  
As a result, the school uses technology as a basic learning tool in all areas of the curriculum.
Benedictine Academy boasts major technology initiatives, including Chromebooks for all students, which is enhanced by SMARTBoard technology in every classroom that engages students in "real time" interactive lessons.  Teachers utilize Google Classroom for class assignments, activities, and communication.  A state of the art Interactive Science lab employs the Vernier Lab Program for all science experiments in biology, chemistry and physics.  All teachers have their own Parent/Teacher portals that allow parents and students to access all course information including current assignments and grades.  In addition, the BA Campus features five state of the art wireless Internet access points and three rooms are equipped with Interactive Promethean Boards.