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Parent Expectations

Dear Benedictine Academy Parents:

One of the goals of our athletic program is to provide our student-athletes with the experience of being on a team. This valuable experience provides our young women with the opportunity to work together to reach a common goal, to raise the performance level of the team and the individual, and to successfully manage the ups and downs of a season while at the same time promoting our Benedictine core values.

As a parent, you are an influential and important part of our athletic community; therefore we also expect you to model the school’s core values as you experience the season with your daughter and ask that you follow these general “fan-friendly” guidelines and expectations:

  • Positive comments from the sideline are always welcome. Negative comments to anyone, including your own daughter, are not allowed. Please refrain from offering instruction in order to avoid contradicting what the coaching staff may be trying to do.

  • Soccer MomsReferees and officials are off-limits. Allow the coaches to address any concerns with the officials.

  • Please allow and encourage your daughter to address any concerns directly with the coaching staff. It is her responsibility to check her e-mail for updates on practices and games. Coaches will be available throughout the season to address concerns with your daughter.

  • After your daughter has spoken to the coach, you may address any other concerns you may have directly with the coach. Please do this via e-mail. Coaches are not obligated to discuss playing time, practice tactics or team strategy, and may choose not to discuss these matters.  

  • Please plan family vacation time, doctors’ appointments, and the like so that they don’t interfere with your daughter’s participation in her sport. Our schedule does not allow for much flexibility, and rescheduling games is extremely difficult with divisional and conference obligations. Sports are active even when school is not in session, and that includes August preseason and the winter and spring breaks.  

  • At the varsity level, it is difficult for athletes to be fully committed to a sport if they are involved in more than one activity or sport during their season.  We ask that you consider the time commitment required of an athlete in a high school season, and decide together with your daughter if she is able to commit completely before the season begins.  

  • We are working on outfitting our teams with great uniforms so please take care when washing the uniforms and follow the instructions.  The uniforms must be returned in a similar condition to when they were distributed.  The coaches will let their players know what is acceptable to wear under the uniforms or as a warm-up as the requirements differ from sport to sport.  

As always, we thank you for your dedication and commitment to Benedictine Academy!