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Students at Benedictine Academy know that Benedictine spirituality is about equality and community, about service and mutual support. Our students put their faith into action by serving their immediate community and ministering to people in need through interactive service opportunities. By participating in the Benedictine Academy Christian Service Program, students will apply their Catholic Christian values by practicing them in projects that expand the students’ awareness of God, others, and themselves.

Each academic year, the required number of service hours are 10 hours per quarter, which adds up to 40 hours per year. This Leadership Team Volunteeringcomes to a total of 160 minimum service hours for the 4 years of high school. Students must complete all of the required service hours for the year to receive a grade for service. If they do not complete the required service, they are considered incomplete for their religion requirement and will not be permitted to advance to the next level. Service is worth 10% of the overall religion semester grade. Students may be involved in service opportunities both in and out of school. The more variety in the types of services in which students are involved, the greater the benefit will be to the wider Body of Christ and the greater benefit to the student.

Students may begin them over the summer recess.  If students begin their service hours after June 30 they will be counted towards the next school year, provided that they have completed the hours for the previous school year.

Below is a list of possible service opportunities. If there are any questions regarding whether or not a service activity is acceptable, please contact the Campus Ministry office for clarification. All community service projects must be approved.

Examples of acceptable service include the following:
  • Non-profit agencies 
  • School-sponsored activities
  • Church Activities
  • Unpaid work in-town recreational program
  • Girl Scout Service Programs
  • Work with agencies which provide services to the sick, elderly, disabled, children, homeless and hungry, etc.
In-School Volunteering:
  • Ambassadors
  • Community Food Bank
  • Open House 
  • School dinners and events
  • Tutoring

Out of School Volunteering: 
  • Volunteering in your local parish
  • CCD Aides or Teacher 
  • Church Maintenance: crew, lectors, ushers, greeters, altar servers
  • Youth Retreat or Youth Group Service Opportunities
  • Social Justice Ministries
  • Choir, Music or Praise Dancing Church Groups
  • Vacation Bible or Church Schools

Volunteering in Local and Community Organizations:
  • American Red Cross 
  • American Cancer Society
  • Boys and Girls Clubs
  • Center for Food Action
  • Coalition for the Homeless
  • Community FoodBank of NJ
  • Habitat for Humanity
  • Local Assisted Living and Care Centers for the Elderly
  • Local Hospitals and Clinics
  • Local Nursery/Grammar Schools
  • Local Senior Centers
  • Mental Health Association of NJ